Smart Fairness Skin Cream



Smart Fairness Cream provides your skin a natural fairness, with a smooth, soft and beautiful texture.
It leaves your face cleansed and refreshing which is a scientific blend of  herbs and rich natural extracts.
It  helps promote a healthy, fair and vibrant complexion, revitalizing natural skin tones.
Customer can get this from us at most affordable prices.



1.Effective in improving Skin Tone
2.Skin brightening
3.Lightens pigmentation marks
4.Acne marks lightening
5.Improves complexion
6.Keeps skin soft and fresh
7.Regular use makes the skin fairer


1.No harmful chemicals
2.Suitable for both men and women
3.No side effects
4.Works for all skin types
5.Provides necessary minerals and vitamins to the skin


Stiaric, Aloe Vera, PG, Titanium dioxide, kojic acid, Vitamin B3, Vitamin E, Glycerin, Propylparaben, Preservative, Perfume, Silicone oil.

MRP TK: 120 (11 gm), TK: 140 (12 gm), TK 175 (20 gm)